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Innoven Consulting was established in 2005 with a target focus on Supplier Relationship and Vendor Management for all Industries.

We are a Black Empowered Woman Owned company.  We have been operating for a number of years and have a decade of collective experience in Vendor Profiling, Vendor Management and Verification Services.  Our main area of expertise has been in the Mining Industry and we have recently expanded into other Industries.

We offer a unique Vendor Administration Service to corporate clients as well as Vendor Profiling and Supplier Verification.

We verify company credentials with the Focus being in Black Economic Ownership and maintain Preferential Procurement information of suppliers for the purpose of the Procurement Principle in the DTI Codes of Good Practice. Our database is hosted on the web, which makes it readily accessible to our clients and easy to use.

We also facilitate Database-Cleanup and Preferential Procurement Surveys for scorecard purposes for smaller companies.

What makes us different?

We have a customized Software programme    addressing specific industry needs. It is easily adapted and compatible with your Supplier or Vendor evaluation and take on process from the start, therefore reducing your administration and staff requirements.

Our database is programmed to ensure that there is continued communication with the supplier registered to update credentials such as the BBBEE Scorecard, Tax Clearance Certificates and Workmans Compensation.

We have a dedicated call centre continuously liaising with suppliers in updating their information.

Reporting is flexible and made easy with our unique Report Builder.  Reports such as SMME, BBBEE Level Rating and Ownership, Commodity and Regional reports are readily available.  Internal and External audits can be done electronically as all legal documents are available on the web.

We have a personal relationship with our suppliers and assist BEE suppliers in the registration process from the point of explaining legal documentation to the completion of the vendor registration document.

Efficient digital solution

Why choose us?

Mitigates risk

- Internal Fraudulent Activities
- Conflict Of Interest
- The Entity Status
- Verifies Business Partners
- Property Associations
- Identify Common Interests
- Assistance in Legislative Compliance

Reduces costs

- Reduces Human Effort and man-hours
- Covers all the relevant Bureaus
- Provides Global Company Information
- Sanctions
- Political Exposed Persons

Simplifies process

- Electronic Solution as opposed to a Manual Process
- Continuous and ongoing monitoring
- Access to a comprehensive list of public record information

Supplier relationship and vendor management

Common Vendor Management Problems

Excessive administrative costs

Poor vendor relationships

Supply chain inefficiences

Security Breaches

Incomplete documentation

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